Opening 29.11.2016, 7-9 pm
Exhibition 30.11.2016 - 13.01.2017



Non-Places, 2016, aluminium, powder coating, diverse dimensions


Non-Places, the title of our up-coming solo exhibition with Sébastien de Ganay is also the name of a new „Carton“ type of sculptures.

About the words combination „Non-Places“, Sébastien de Ganay says „…This is a reference to this meeting part or tightly interlinked

sectors of two cartons. The cartons seem to overlap into each other producing a traffic zone or meeting area which is difficult to define.

Therefore the word non-place. ... This segment of the cartons embedding into each other creates a mysterious zone where the viewer

tries desperately to make sense or take a decision about naming it. But this zone resists any rationalization of space. We are facing

a dilemma because we confront the impossible task of identifying the place.“

Those thoughts are equally relevant considering Sébastien de Ganay´s practice as an artist. Exploring the texture of folded canvas in

his early years, exhausting all possible shapes variations of a simple cardboard box, paying careful attention to processes of space

organization and perception … this is how Sébastien de Ganay is delicately building an arborescent family of works challenging

the major codes currently ruling and splitting the words of art, architecture and design.

„Non-Places“ - the exhibition - will cross art pieces from different cycles like a.o. „Grids“, „Carton Conversation“, „Uncle Haim´s Slides“,

„Non-Place“ - the sculptures - and „Folded Flat“ to expose Sébastien de Ganay´s favourite traffic and transfer zone between

forms & meanings and their impacts on our daily life.


 Carton Conversation 2, 2016, aluminium, welded, varnish, 70 x 142 x 127 cm


Grid „Indiana“ 2012 zinc coated steel, painted 120 x 120 x 20 cm